The ancestral homeland of Eberron’s elves, Aerenal is a realm that is alien to most of Khorvaire’s inhabitants. This jungles and exotic flora cast deep shadows across the land, shrouding a society steeped in a fascination with death.

Common Knowledge

Aerenal is open to travelers and trader, although the Aereni rarely offer a warm welcome to foreigners.

The Undying Court, a council of religious and noble leaders from prior generations, rules the elves of Aerenal. The members of this council are undead; the Aereni refer to these individuals as the undying. The Undying Court selects the Sibling Kings-currently Balaereth and Tezaera of the Mendyrian line-to handle the day-to-day government business. The Aereni respect the wisdom of the Undying Court, and their faith recognizes its member as emissaries of their ancestors. Death fascinates the Aereni, and it informs their fashions and arts; they also have a propensity for the study of necromantic and planar magic. Some Aereni even undergo alchemical processes and mystic rites in order to appear dead. Most elves of Aerenal are members of vast extended families, called lines, that have ties to counselors of the Undying Court.

The Tairnadal elves of Aerenal’s norther plains have a warrior culture similar to that of the Valenar elves. Tairnadal family divisions are called warclans, and they are less devoted to the Undying Court than are other Aereni.

People of Aerenal

Proud, haughty, and fascinated with death, the elves of Aerenal comprise over two-thirds of the continent’s population; the undying account for most of the remaining one-third. A small number of half-elves and traders of other races are also permanent residents of Aerenal.

All of Aerenal’s elf inhabitants worship the Undying Court, the Spirits of the Past, or both. No other religion is accepted among the permanent population, although foreigners are not persecuted for practicing other beliefs.

The elves of Aerenal revere the undying, but they harbor a hatred for other forms of undead, particularly those that feed on the living. Destroying such creatures is considered to be a religious duty.


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