And in the age of Dawn a shadow will emerge, the Lord will cast his hand like motes of sand across the face of Eberron.

- Snippet from the Draconic Prophecy -

The twelve true dragonmarks are central to life in Khorvaire. Even those who have never seen one firsthand know of the dragonmark powers and the exploits of the heirs who carry them. However, few know that not all the dragonmarks of Khorvaire fit within the hierarchy of the twelve houses-and those who do know have reason to keep such knowledge to themselves.

To those versed in the lore and legends of the Five Nations, aberrant dragonmarks conjure up images of monsters in human form-terrifying creatures driven mad by their own powers, who can kill with a touch or control the forces of fire and fear. In Sharn, mothers still frighten their children with tales of the Lady of the Plague. Even the most reasoned people whisper that aberrant dragonmarks are signs of the Dragon Below and that those who bear these symbols are cursed souls who spread misfortune wherever they go.

The Aberrant Mark

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